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(N/482/4/0221) (08/26) (MQA/PA14553)

Information technology (IT) is the creation, processing, storage, security, and exchange of all types of electronic data using computers, storage, networking, and other physical devices, infrastructure, and processes.


In contrast to the technology used for personal or entertainment purposes, IT is used in the context of business operations. Computer technology and telecommunications are both included in the commercial use of IT.
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Study Objective

Information technology is used by businesses to help them be more productive. As a result, graduates of Information Technology will have a diverse range of career options that will benefit any business by allowing them to work more efficiently and productively. Faster communication, electronic storage, and the protection of important documents all come as a result.

Course Module

  • Foundation English

  • Introduction to Computer

  • Cyberpreneurship

  • Information Technology and Environment

  • Foundation Mathematics

  • Digital Multimedia

  • Computer Ethics

  • Discrete Mathematics

  • Programming Fundamentals

  • Data Communication and Networking

  • Computer Architecture

  • Operating System

  • Management Information System

  • Business Intelligence

  • Data Structure and Algorithms

  • Database Fundamentals

  • Object-Oriented Programming

  • Internet Applications

  • System Analysis and Design

  • Introduction to IR 4.0

  • Internet of Things

  • Cloud Computing

  • Personal Development

  • Human-Computer Interaction

  • Information Systems Security

  • Information Technology and Systems Auditing

  • Mobile Development

  • Web Publishing

  • Entrepreneurship and Technopreneurship in Malaysia

  • Community Services

  • Final Year Project

  • Industrial Training


  • Malaysian Studies II / Bahasa Melayu Komunikasi

  • Critical Thinking and Problem Solving

  • Bahasa Kebangsaan A

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