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International Students 

Video is produced by a group of out of Penang state and international students

First and foremost, thanks to Ms Chan (Burmese), Ms Winnie Plern (Siamese) and Mr Daniel (Indonesian) the international students who have produced this video and with approval from them, here you go the video for sharing. 

IPK College welcomes international students or international students to study at IPK College. IPK College provides the most affordable course fee and affordable, comfortable hostel in Penang. Of course, IPK College is one of the best college in Malaysia as IPK College had won multiple awards from the international examination board such as LCCI & IFA (Institute of Financial Accountants). This has proven that IPK College has materialised one of its value statement: Affordable Quality Education for Everyone.


Penang is situated off the north-western coast of Peninsular Malaysia.

Penang consists of the Penang island and Penang mainland. The island and mainland are linked by the 13.5km First Penang Bridge and the 24km Second Penang Bridge (the longest bridge in South-East Asia). Apart from this, a 24-hour ferry service plies the channel. Penang is also supported by international airport facilities with worldwide destinations.

Its capital, George Town, is a UNESCO World Heritage Site in honour of its numerous elegant historical and colonial buildings which are places of interest to tourists. You can reach George Town within 35 minutes from IPK College.  

Today, its population of 1.5 million people with multi-racial consisting of Malays, Chinese, Indians and other minority ethnic groups. Penang people are warm, tolerant and friendly who are ever ready to welcome fellow Malaysians and foreigners.

Excellent facilities and infrastructure

Penang has the facilities of a modern city. Hospitals and healthcare centres offer good medical services. Penang has an international airport too. Arts and performing centres are available to those who are interested in it. Telecommunication is excellent and cellular services coverage is wide and data transfer is relatively fast.

Close proximity to major cities

IPK College is 35 minutes away from Penang Island and 55 minutes by air from Kuala Lumpur International Airport (KLIA/KLIA2). Promotional airfare by the low-cost carrier from Penang to KLIA starts from relatively low prices like USD7 per trip. There are direct flights from Penang International Airport to Singapore, Bangkok, Jakarta, Hong Kong, Taipei and Guangzhou. Be it a business trip or for a vacation, Penang is a great place to be your "home base".

IPK College Hostel - Landed Property 

Rental fee per month is between USD60 – USD120 (semi-furnished to fully furnished). The rental inclusive of wifi broadband, electricity, airconditioned, kitchenette, hostel study area, drinking water, maintenance cost, sewage, municipal assessment fee and land tax. 

If you want to know more about the college activities and amenities, please click:

Lower cost of living compared to Kuala Lumpur, Johor Bahru or Penang Island

Life in Bukit Mertajam Penang is great and not expensive. A decent meal for a person at the food court, hawker centre or coffee-shop costs USD1 to USD2. An excellent meal at good restaurants costs average USD3 to USD4. High end and classy restaurants will charge you about USD7 to USD10. Parking is cheap at USD0.10 to USD0.20 per hour by the roadside or USD0.50 per hour in parking garages. The low cost of living in Penang is one of the reasons why you should stay and study in Penang Mainland.

IPK College Course fee varies from USD1,500 to USD5,700 per full course.

For more information about Bukit Mertajam Penang Mainland, please click this link:

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