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School of business

Businessman in Suit

Diploma in International Business

(R/345/4/0549) (04/24) (MQA/FA3106)

Business Meeting

Bachelor of (Hons) Business Administration

(N/345/6/1132) (08/25) (MQA/PA13822)

Diploma of Accountancy

(R/344/4/0114) (07/22) (MQA/FA1584)


Bachelor of Science (Hons) Accounting & Finance

(N/344/6/0552) (08/27) (MQA/PA13821)

Analyzing Data
Stock Exchange

Diploma in Banking and Finance

(N/343/4/0284) (06/26)


Working with Laptop

Diploma in Digital Entrepreneurship

(N/345/4/1186) (06/26) (MQA/PA14535)

Business Graphs

Certificate in Business Studies

(N/340/3/0784) (04/25) (MQA/PA12166)

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