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(N/811/3/0368) (06/26) (MQA/PA 14536)

Anchor 1

Study Objective

The Certificate of Catering Operation (CCO) is a program that prepares individuals to provide professional chef and related cooking services in restaurants and other commercial food establishments. It includes instruction in recipe and menu planning, preparing and cooking foods, supervising and training kitchen assistants, managing food supplies and kitchen resources, aesthetics of food presentation, and familiarity or mastery of a wide variety of cuisines and culinary techniques. The skills covered in this programme will fulfil the demands of their jobs and for onward career progression and development and personal life-long and life-wide learning.

Course Module

  • Fundamental of Cookery

  • Fundamental of Baking

  • Food Studies

  • Chocolate and Pastry

  • Asian Cuisine

  • Malaysian Cuisine

  • Kitchen Operation

  • Commercial Food Production

  • Hygiene and Sanitation

  • Restaurant Service Operation

  • Hospitality Marketing

  • English Proficiency

  • Industrial Training



  • Moral Education / Pengajian Islam

  • Bahasa Kebangsaan A / Entrepreneurship

  • Malaysian Studies II / Bahasa Melayu Komunikasi

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