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Malaysia Biggest Workshop happen in Bukit Mertajam. 马来西亚最大型的理财工作坊在槟城大山脚盛大举行!!!

Updated: Sep 16, 2019

Malaysia Biggest Workshop happen in Bukit Mertajam. Penang Boleh! Bukit Mertajam Boleh!

The objective of this workshop is to develop a more financially literate society, which also congruence to one of the new government initiatives which is to “empower human capital” through quality education. In collaboration with various partners and organisations, we believe through this session; we will enable learners to make economically sound financial decisions in their future for their personal or business lives. As learners individually form households or start businesses, their collective decisions will shape our future Malaysia economy into an even more stable and growing economy.

Being one of the leading Business Schools in the Northern Region of Malaysia, IPK College takes pride in promoting financial education that will help young people take on the responsibilities of their own finance and able to manage personal financial risks and opportunities. Our learners will learn the skills on how to make important financial decisions such as buying a car, purchasing a home, saving for retirement, borrowing for higher education and even choosing a career.

IPK College would like to thank all the sponsors, helpers, schools’ leaders, IPK College students, alumni and teammates and all the unsung contributors here today for your dedication to FFM event and had made this event in the Malaysia Books of Records. Especially YB Heng Lee Lee for making her trip to witness this historical event. We as organiser and sponsor, we hope that through this workshop; we could prepare you with the skills that will enable you to grow into financially successful individuals. May this workshop empower learners with the confidence and success in their future.

Thank you.




IPK学院非常感谢所有的赞助商、帮助者、学校领导、IPK学院的学生、校友和队友,以及今天到场的所有参与者们。感谢你们对这项理财工作坊的奉献,并成功的让活动记录于马来西亚健力士大全。特别感谢YB Heng Lee Lee 一起见证了这历史性的一刻。作为这项活动的主办单位和赞助商们,希望通过这次理财工作坊能够让所以参与者学到了理财技巧,并成为自己未来成功的一部分。除此之外,也希望这个工作坊能让所有参与者们能够充满信心面对未来的挑战与早日达到自己成功的目标。


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