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(N/343/4/0284) (06/26) (MQA/PA14555)

The Diploma in Banking & Finance is to equip students with a solid foundation in banking and finance knowledge to fulfil the demands of their jobs and for onward career progression and development and personal lifelong and life-wide learning.


The Diploma of Banking & Finance gear toward those who wish to venture into banking and finance careers or intend to progress into further studies at degree and beyond; in related banking and finance fields. Students will expose themselves to having developed analytical and “appropriate” skills to swiftly transfer their knowledge and competencies of their respective specialisations in their workplace. This programme provides an excellent all-around business education. It is best suited for those intending to understand subjects in banking and finance discipline subjects and critical employability transferable skills so that graduates will prepare themselves to venture into successful career life or in entrepreneurial endeavours.
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Study Objective

The aims of the Diploma in Banking and Finance are to prepare graduates with broad-based knowledge and apply to bank and finance theoretical principles to deal with various needs in the industry; prepare graduates with essential practical skills to provide banking and finance-related information for analysis and decision-making; prepare graduates who can work independently and collaboratively to solve and communicate the outcomes of financial problems by utilising relevant information technology in managing Banking and Finance information in all industries; prepare graduates who can provide accountable services by applying lifelong learning skills and demonstrating an entrepreneurial mindset.

Course Module

  • Financial Accounting I

  • Financial Accounting II

  • Principles of Management

  • Principle of Economy

  • Principles of Marketing

  • Management Information System

  • Business Communication

  • Business Statistics

  • Business Ethics

  • Corporate and Business Law I

  • Fundamental of Banking

  • Insurance Planning

  • Fundamental of Investment

  • Personal Financial Planning

  • Financial Markets

  • Business Finance

  • Entrepreneurial Finance

  • Investment Planning

  • Financial Economics

  • Estate Planning

  • Financial Risk Management

  • Fixed Income Securities

  • Ethics in Financial Markets

  • Public Finance

  • Retirement Planning

  • Financial Modelling with Spreadsheet

  • Financial Mathematics

  • Proficiency in English



  • Moral Education / Pengajian Islam

  • Malaysian Studies II / Bahasa Melayu Kominikasi I

  • Bahasa Kebangsaan A / Entrepreneurship

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