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Affordable Course


18 Years of Excellent Achievements

IPK College is one of the 14 MyQuest 6-star colleges in Malaysia, established to enhance education and knowledge in Accountancy, Finance, Business Management, Hotel Management, Engineering, Computer Science and Digital Learning in building human capital. IPK College is an award-winning college with more than 63 international medals and operates under an ISO environment, offering young adults affordable quality education with 5-star amenities. 

We understand that we are helping and shaping the young generation as such always stand by our values in providing top-notch qualifications and recognised diploma and degree programmes with affordable course fees. 

The management team consists of educationalists, professionals and industrialists with more than 50 years of industrial experience combined. Having benefited from the privilege of access to quality education hence improving their own quality of life, the management team deeply believes that education is the key change agent of today’s ever-changing world.

On top of providing quality learning experiences, we pride ourselves on ensuring our students’ needs as the top priority. Hence, we make a conscious decision to ensure that the IPK COLLEGE Campus is strategically located with easy access to food (Halal and non-Halal) and amenities.  Logistically, we are located within reach to Penang Island (45 minutes), North to Sungai Petani, Alor Setar and South to Ipoh and Kuala Lumpur.
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