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Keep trying, keep believing and keep growing. 失败后重新振作起来,一次又一次的爬起来

IPK Student, Teoh Hoong Yang (or more fondly known as Jimmy to IPK students and lecturers) who is visually impaired due to inherited genetic conditions (known as Leber Hereditary Optic Neuropathy diseases) battle against all odds to succeed in his studies and has received a scholarship to allow him to undertake a degree in finance and accounting at a respected UK university.

Being visually impaired since the age of 17 years old, which forces him to stop his studies. After facing many challenges looking for a job due to his disabilities, Jimmy returned to studies and his efforts earned him 4As in SPM. After finishing his SPM, he went on to study diploma in accounting at IPK College.

In IPK College, Jimmy is supported by experienced lecturers who are ever ready to guide him in his studies. With the encouragement from his peers, lecturers and management of IPK College, Jimmy graduated from his diploma with flying colours, earning a CGPA of 3.96.

Later in September, Jimmy will be departing for a one-year degree course in accounting and finance at a respected UK university with all tuition and daily expenses covered by various philanthropists.

IPK College’s diplomas are well recognised by various universities around the world enabling IPK diploma students to obtain degree qualification by undergoing only one year degree course.

“I have failed much more time than other people, however, I will not let myself discouraged by failure for too long, I will pick myself up after I have failed, again and again,” he said.

Jimmy said that he developed his interest in accounting after starting his diploma course in IPK College, one of the leading business and accounting schools in the Northern Region of Malaysia, thanks to the hard-working and helpful lecturers who have supported him throughout his learning journey in IPK College.

He wishes to express his gratitude towards lecturers and management personnel in IPK College as well as the generous philanthropists who have the noble principle in education to provide equal learning opportunities for everyone.

张鸿洋,IPK 學院生(昵稱 JIMMY)他是个有视觉障碍的學生(遗传性视神经病变(Leber Hereditary Optic Neuropathy),面对所有的困難,他抗争到底并成功的完成大专学业并获得赞助金向往英国大学继续深造金融与会计学士文凭。

17岁时的他,因视力受损的问题而被迫停学。然而,视力受损后导致他在寻找工作遇上了极大的困难与挑战。在种种困难的折腾下,JIMMY下定决心努力考好大马教育文凭。上天不负有心人,他凭着过人的毅力与坚持下考获了4A的佳绩 并前往IPK 学院就读会计大专课程。




Jimmy说: “我比别人失败的时间还长得多,但是,我不会让自己因为失败而灰心太久,我会在失败后重新振作起来,一次又一次的爬起来。”

JIMMY提到自己选择了北马区领先的商业与会计学校IPK学院。报读会计课程后,他对会计产生了兴趣。 这也需要感谢各位友善,劳苦功高的讲师们,在学习过程中给予他的课业上的指导与帮助。

Jimmy 感恩所有的IPK学院讲师,管理层和慷慨的慈善家们拥有共同的教育理念“为每个人提供平等的学习机会”。

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